Sediarreda advises you, Sediarreda proposes new ideas, Sediarreda customizes your room, Sediarreda is the “custom made” on line shop. 

Many on line articles are customizable! ...but, what does it mean, actually? 

Are you looking for a light blue lacquered, antiqued, Land Art chair suitable for your country-style kitchen? Our painters can make using either our catalogue wide range of paints or a new sample paint... 

Would you like to buy living-room chairs matching your new sofa? We can make “your” and “only your” chair using either some cloth of yours or choosing it from our catalogue.  

Are you fond of doing-it-yourself?? We can give you a “raw” chair, unvarnished, and the rest is up to you! Enjoy your work! 

For any information about costs and time to customize, please contact SEDIARREDA CUSTOMER SERVICE at the e-mail address info@sediarreda.com