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Have you to furnish your house, kitchen? Here you can find the right answer to yours questions. In this section there are various references of our costumers with related fotos and descriptions, thanks to them you can imagine the furnishing of your kitchen, office, living room and terrace. Please read and see the best solution for the private costumer with our products.

78Apollodoro table: design is at home!

77Between art and design

76White elegance

75The marriage between functionality and colour

74The meeting room: comfort and professionality

73A touch of originality to the kitchen

72Not only shadow

71The Home Office that does not renounce to the design

70Winter Garden signed Tonin Casa

69Kitchen in Germany

68Modern wood chairs

67The timeless home warmth of the rustic style

66The timeless elegance of neutral colors

65The stool... a matter of style

64The space-saving design

63The Design is part of house

62When the ancient meets modern

61When design becomes space saver

60A rustic touch in modern interpretation

59The modern with classic shapes

58Dining table: modernity and practicality!

57Winter garden branded Kartell

56Sinuosity and elegance to the living area

55Sinuous and elegant furnishings

54White lacquered furniture: modern and clean

53Classic wooden furniture

52Sofa, daybed and library all in one

51Round tables: more guests, minimal amount of space

50Glass and polycarbonate: a perfect match

49A fantastic mix of styles

48When the rustic style becomes modern!

47Rustic colored chairs

46Jam by Calligaris: the bicolored chair

45Still looking for a sofa? Oceano is right for you

44The seaside home, watchword: practicality!

43Chairs in Viennese style: a timeless classic

42Calligaris: furniture for the whole house!

41Boheme by Calligaris, refinement is assured

40Shaggy carpets for a fun decor

39Imagine your product .. Sediarreda realizes it!

38A living room with natural tones

37High-definition design for a modern living room

36Modern living room

35Extendable tables... for many guests!

34Sofas with pouffes - comfort is guaranteed!

33The wall designs: Mondo bookstore

32Furnishing with colour!

31Calligaris New York stools... guaranteed comfort!

30Stools in Texplast and metal, ideal for your kitchen!

29Rustic and modern

28Elegance at the table!

27Dual-colour kitchens!

26Orange... a happy colour for a lively kitchen!

25The elegance of leather, the liveliness of red!

24Modernity and fantasy with rugs

23Glass table: ideal also in the kitchen!

22Kitchen stools: design for every room!

21A white leather sofa: an evergreen classic!

20Leather details for refined environments

19A corner for a classical style writing desk

18Table and chairs in the Louix XVI style

17Venice Chairs... rustic style for any environment!

16Rugs, what a passion!

15Trasparenze..per un effetto moderno

14Esprimi la tua creatività con Sediarreda!

13Elegance in the kitchen

12Practicality in the kitchen

11A living room... with flowers

10Rustic and modern styles in tune with one another

9Elegant and modern style combination

8Sediarreda for the entire house

7Eco-leather... a material for all seasons!

6Leather furnishings

5Terraces for living

4A comfortable peninsula in the kitchen

3A small Home Office

2Comfort before everything else

1Simple but careful lines


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