The most innovative products, the most daring designers and the styles that have dictated the trends of the design world.
Some brands have quite impressively distinguished themselves for the original ideas that they have launched on the market, for which they have been awarded prestigious and recognized internationally prizes.
Let's find out their recipe for success!

Lounge chair Chips
Lucie Koldova

This emblematic armchair by Ton has had a load of awards and recognitions! It's been awarded, among others, for its audacious, generous shapes inspired by the delicious chips snack, with an "Excellent Product Design Furniture" during the German Design Awards last edition.

Good Design 2018 Best of Year 2018 Germany Design Awards 2019

Alberto and Francesco Meda

The RedDot Award 2018's jury has highly appreciated and honoured Alberto and Francesco Meda's idea of making a transparent lamp unveiling its inside to the observer. As a matter of fact, Aledin is made of two transparent polycarbonate stems inside which there are two aluminium splints acting as conductors, perfectly balancing functionality and aesthetic.

Reddot awards 2018

Kartell's icons

Kartell is a brand that has always belonged to the Italian history of design since its very beginning in the end of the '50s. The awards and prizes won during the years are numerous, proving how much this is an evergreen top brand in style, technology and .collaborations with the great masters of contemporary design.

Net Relax

Net Relax armchair won both the Red Dot Award 2018 and the Good Design Award seducing the jury every time for its comfortable sizes and solid structure. Everybody agreed it is the ideal product to furnish refined, quality guaranteed outdoor environments.

Reddot awards 2018 Good Design 2018


The distinctive feature of the Canova chair is the purity of its shape that made it win the German Design Award 2019 in the Excellent Product Design Furniture category: there are no joints actually, and it's sold as an uninterrupted piece. Its silhouette lightness well matches with the designed fitted cushions that are the only accent to make this chair even more comfortable and customisable.


Gelée e Cucun

Two are the products rewarded by the Good Design Awards' jury in Chicago, evidence of the high quality of the Slide products and its distinct personality. The small armchair Gelée Lounge, that is perfect to put some brio to the gardens and terraces, has been awarded for its unique shape recalling the gummy candy. The Cucun floor lamp instead has won the jury with its look inspired by the ancient Japanese paper that lends preciousness to it when turned off, and soft light effects when it's on.

Good Design 2018

Pedrali has won even three prizes at the Germans Design Awards 2019, pointing out how the brand can plan both the product and the space that welcomes it. As a matter of fact its stand at the Salone del Mobile 2018 has been awarded, having created a space in between a museum presentation and a theatrical version of the product. The company has also won a prize and a special mention in the "Excellent Product Design Furniture" category for its quality, elegance and innovation of its products.

Germany Design Awards 2019
Tribeca - Pedrali

>Lan e Mirage
Neri&Hu and Patricia Urquiola

The new modular collection by Gan received several recognitions oversea, showing that a variable furniture, moving and reinventing itself in the space according to the needs, will be a trend in the coming projects. The rug Mirage, designed by Patricia Urquiola, fascinated the jury with its irregular shape and optical geometry where the chromatic shades remind of an oversize web.

Best of Year 2018 NYCDESIGN 2018


Many are the prizes, national and international, recently won by Lisa seat! Aesthetic, functionality and practicality are the three essential factors that made these victories possible, showing how SCAB Design is always researching innovative solutions to please a more cosmopolitan public.

Good Design 2018 iconic awards 2019
Casilda - Talenti


A special prize was given to the Casilda Collection by Talenti, the prestigious Best Exhibit Award at the International Furniture Fair in Singapore. The jury wanted to reward the clarity and cleanness of the shapes that are put together in an harmonious and simple way showing that the brand is able to export oversea its own sophisticated, quality outdoor vision.

International Furniture Fair Singapore

Milan elected
best town of

It has largely outdone its adversaries, and won first place as best town of 2019: according to Wallpaper magazine, Milan is a reborn Phoenix, rich in buildings and projects to be signed by the most famous architects and designers. Everybody wants to be part of the change and be active in the ongoing evolution of this city that redesigns its skyline non stop. In other words, we're in the middle of what the well known magazine has called "Milanese moment".