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Fiber Armchair Swivel

Swivel armchair in metal


Suspension lamp in bamboo and polypropylene


Coffee table in technopolymer

Restore Basket

Storage basket in felt


Table with wooden or linoleum tabletop

Folded Shelves

Shelf made of aluminium

Platform Tray

Tray in technopolymer and wood

Your office at home, flexible and minimal

Your home is the new office: living spaces are no longer intended only for family and free time, but also for professional activities and to study. To enjoy the fusion between smartworking and private life, the environments should be more flexible and functional, especially when the space is not enough. But you only need the right type of furniture and some design accessories to create a comfortable and practical home office area.

Less is more: only the essential, to be more productive

Finding the right concentration is important, that's why the home office area should be tidy and minimal: little furniture, only what is essential and appropriate for you.

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New Kartell for the office

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Working whilst staying active

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A coloured and inspiring study area for children

Today, studying at home does not only mean doing homework: to be engaged in learning, your children need a cosy atmosphere which can be functional for both study and recreational activities.

Back to school: the colour is the protagonist

In order to go back to school in a good mood, a coloured study area stimulates energy and desire to learn. Choose bright accessories and furniture, in your children's favourite colour.

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Versatile accessories for children's room

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Elements to relax after the studying

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Today's office furniture, adaptable and smart

In a constantly evolving world, also workspaces change. The current trends are clear: when you work in a comfortable space, you work better. The office spaces should therefore be flexible, functional and pleasant.

(Re)-think the office: a balance between functionality and style

There are many solutions to design new spaces or renew the old ones. Sometimes it only takes a few changes to give new life to the office: ergonomic chairs, a large desk, accessories with a simple design.

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Directional armchairs and chairs

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Spaces dedicated to the office living

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Customised solutions for your office

If you are planning a special project or to completely redesign your office, our Customer Service will help you to find the right solution.

Please contact us for advice or a quotation