New ideas to redesign your outdoor. The most beautiful season is outdoor!

Woven fabrics and vitaminic colours, yellow, orange and green are the main characters of the new proposals for the outodoor furniture. Inspired by tradition and earth colours, new collections offer a large choice for all spaces en plein air to decorate with elegance, or with sparkling colours to bring a fresher style. Eclectic seats, sunbeds, hammocks and lamps transform the garden area into a space to be enjoyed until late in the evening.

The welcoming design
Weaves, textures and stories

A dining room in the déhors, a deep angle for conviviality. Outdoor armchairs and sofas made of cord, with exotics textures, or realised in tech-effect polypropylene. Envelopping and comfortable, but always sun and rain resistant. Modular separés redesign spaces in the garden or on the terrace. This is the place where daily stories are created.

Colour addicted
Fresh and original colours for your terrace

When the colour makes the difference. Two chairs and a folding table curry yellow or light blue marine colour are able to create a funny dining area even on a little balcony in the town. Under the portico, soft cushions antique pink or avocado green colour make the polycarbonate design seats more comfortable. And it's holiday right away!