Sofa with single or double seat, with square and simple shape, easy to clean. It is perfectly suited to bars and restaurants, coordinating the seating along the sides and also at the center of the room.

This sofa is available in linear or curved configuration, in both cases also without backrest. It may have single or double seat. It is also available the angular element.
The supporting structure is made of fir plywood, with the seat surface reinforced in plywood; padding is in polyurethane foam of different densities. The feet are made of plastic.

The bench Levy can be made in fire-resistant version, 1IM Italian standard.
The coating, not removable, can be fully customized in order to meet the different requirements of interior design. Even the backrest can be realized with different decorations.
The range of materials, colors and patterns is huge:

  • natural fiber fabrics;
  • synthetic fabrics;
  • imitation leather, also fire resistant;
  • genuine leather, of different quality and value.

This Made in Italy sofa has a total depth of 62 cm, the seat of 48 cm high 48 cm. With the backrest the overall height is 81 cm. The double version has a total depth of 109 cm. Even the height of the backrest is customizable.
Levy is available in standard modules of 60, 120 and 180 cm single seat, 120 cm double seat or with custom length at least 100 cm, in all versions.

The price shown refers to a meter of the linear version with single seat.

Standard dimensions
  • Seat height 48 cm
  • Height 81 cm
  • 29 Kg


Custom-made sofa for bars and public venues, seat, single or double, linear or curved, wide range of finishes and colours

Starting from

288,60 €

VAT excluded

Selected product for professional supplies and subject to special quotes on request. Due to its technical qualities, its versatility and the possibility of customisation, this model is suitable to furnish public spaces or other work activities. Request the advice our experts or a comprehensive quote by indicating models, configuration and quantities.

If you do not require a personalised quote, you can purchase this product immediately.

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