Madame of Love

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669,90 €

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Selected product for professional supplies and subject to special quotes on request. Due to its technical qualities, its versatility and the possibility of customisation, this model is suitable to furnish public spaces or other work activities. Request the advice our experts or a comprehensive quote by indicating models, configuration and quantities.

Majestic and unique: Madame of Love floor lamp will give every environment a touch of personality.

This floor lamp is made entirely of recyclable polyethylene foam worked with the rotational mould technique. Its body is realized in a wide range of colours (the palette of the available colours are represented in the photo gallery):

  • Basic colours, characterized by a slightly rough surface to the touch: milk white (FT), jet black (FH), elephant grey (FG), chocolate brown (FE), argil grey (FJ), dove-grey (FP), powder blue (FL), malva green (FV), lime green (FR), saffron yellow (FB), pumpkin orange (FC), flame red (FD) and sweet fuchsia (FU);
  • Lacquered colours  with smooth surface, available with matt finish or glossy finish: absolute white (QA), glamour black (QH), vanity grey (QG), charming ivory (Q2), supreme red (QD), metallic gold (QO), metallic silver (QM) and metallic copper (Q4);
  • With lighting system, in the light colours: white (LA), light blue (LL), light green (LR), yellow (LB), orange (LC), red (LD), pink (LS), and fuchsia (LU).

Elegant and versatile, Made in Italy lamp is realized for indoor use, but it can be also guaranteed for outdoor use.

The lampshade is generally in polyethylene in the light colour white, but it can also be realized in all  the light colours, which are yet suitable only for indoor use.

The standard light bulb base E27 (25W) is not included (the versioon with double lighting system needs 2 light bulbs base E27 - 25W - not included).

  • Width 78 cm
  • Height 200 cm
  • Depth 72 cm
  • 21.5 Kg
  • Suitable for outdoor
  • Recyclable
  • Made in Italy
  • Low energy consumption