A warm and cozy home, where you can enjoy the small things, simple and at the same time full of timeless charm. The rustic style furniture is perfect for those who love the gentle atmosphere, relaxed and homely, which is typical of a bucolic cottage or a cabin in the mountains... and would like to live it every day even in town! The protagonist is the wood: chairs, tables, stools, benches, dressers and the house will immediately be full of warmth, elegance and harmony.

Available versions


Country style chair in wood, different dyes available, with seat in wood, straw or different types of fabric

33,50 € 27,90 €
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Available versions

110 V

Country style chair in wood with straw seat

38,90 € 29,90 €
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Available versions

Tirolo Divano

Country stile wooden sofa with cushions, 2 or 3 seaters, available in several colours and coverings

331,30 €
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Available versions

Tirolo Poltrona

Country stile wooden armchair, available in several colours

235,70 €
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Available versions


Vienna style chair made of elm wood, seat in natural fibre, criss-crossed backrest in iron

105,70 €
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Available versions

110 Scratch

Rustic chair in white lacquered wood finish scratched, with seat in wood

73,20 € 60,40 €

Available versions


Country style high stool in wood, height 73 cm, different dyes available, with seat in wood, straw or different types of fabric

49,80 €

Available versions


Country style stool in wood, height 64 cm, different dyes available, with seat in wood, straw or different types of fabric

46,80 €

Available versions


Designer wooden table, fixed, with top in glass, available in different dimensions

1.805,60 € 1.263,90 €
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Available versions


Country style angular bench in pine wood, several sizes available

750,00 € 457,50 €

Available versions


Country stile chair in pine wood

100,00 € 61,00 €

Available versions


Rustic chair in pine wood

109,00 € 66,50 €

Available versions


Country-style chair in pine wood, different seats available

82,00 € 50,00 €

Available versions


Rustic wooden low stool

62,00 € 37,80 €

Available versions


Country style wooden stool, height 80 cm

80,00 € 48,80 €

Available versions


Square wood table, different sizes

243,00 € 148,20 €

Available versions


Table made of pine wood, different sizes

253,00 € 154,30 €

Available versions


Wooden cupboard with drawers, 150 x 45 cm

826,00 € 743,40 €
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Available versions

Fratino Fisso

Pine wood table, different sizes

388,00 € 236,70 €

Available versions

LAR8 Poltrona

Country stile wooden armchair with cushions, available in several colours

467,70 €

Available versions

Panca Fratino

Pine wood bench, several sizes

236,00 € 144,00 €

Available versions

Panca Pizzeria

Pine wood bench with backrest, different sizes

318,00 € 194,00 €

Available versions


Wooden chair in indian acacia wood

117,00 € 105,30 €

Available versions

Prado T2

Wooden table, available in several sizes

274,00 € 246,60 €