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B2B Furniture

For your professional furniture project we offer customised solutions, with specific certifications of resistance and durability. Ice-cream parlours, bars, restaurants, hotel halls, meeting rooms: in any place or activity in the HoReCa sector we are able to satisfy needs and requests, always in the sign of reliability, style and comfort.
Direct contact for advice and estimates, samples and access to warehouse stocks ready to be shipped are some of the services aimed at optimizing all the phases of your HoReCa project.

HoReCa Personalise your style

For the success of your business or HoReCa activity, the image and recognisability of the brand are fundamental elements. For this reason, in the HoReCa decor the customization with a clear print of style is very important: with us you can choose colours, fabrics, dimensions and accessories, always with the certainty of certified products for the sector.

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Get a free sample of material or order a single piece to make the best choice

Fast shipment

Large choice of available products in stock or with fast shipping

Certified products

Products and materials are certified Catas or directly from the factory for a guarantee of resistance .


At your disposal our showroom where you can feel with hand the materials and products.