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Furniture solutions for bars and ice-cream parlour

Bars and public activities are important meeting places in every day life. The activities can be many and each of them corresponds to different needs, including furniture. We help you to create the right setting with special services dedicated to your business.

  • Custom quotes

    Custom quotes

    Receive information and special quotes on the products, according with the configuration and quantities you need.

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    Professional advise

    Our interior designer is available free of charge for furnishing advice or a tailor-made project for your company.

  • Certified products

    Certified products

    Together with you, we select products tested and guaranteed for professional use and public spaces, safe and long-lasting.

  • Free samples

    Free samples

    Ask for a free sample of material or to realise a single piece, to better choose your furnishings.

What can I bring you?

There are those who drink a coffee quickly before going to work, those who meet friends for a chat, those who have lunch with colleagues. Welcoming customers means being ready and flexible: move chairs and stools, clean quickly, and put everything in order before closing. You can choose different seats depending on the service you offer.
Which is the main activity of your shop?

  • Bars and baker's shops

    Bars and baker's shops

    Create a comfortable environment with upholstered chairs and armchairs where customers can relax drinking a coffee accompanied by delicious treats.

  • Bistrot


    If yours is an informal place, specialized in good food and good wine, iron or metal chairs are perfect, even for the outdoor area.

  • Snack bars and ice-cream parlours

    Snack bars and ice-cream parlours

    Cheerful personality and maximum practicality are key elements for an efficient service. Choose stackable plastic seats: handy and easy to clean.

  • Wine bars and pubs

    Wine bars and pubs

    In places where the bond with the territory is strong, the combination with wood occurs spontaneously. You can adopt a sophisticated or more rustic style, depending on your taste.

How to choose the right tables: types and materials?

Flexibility and a unique personality are key elements of your business therefore you will need functional tables to be positioned or moved according to customer requests. The solutions vary depending on the location, the space available and the service you want to offer. To guide you in your choice, start with the table bases.

Free samples

Fixed central base or with ballast

Suitable for environments with a smooth floor, this type of base guarantees maximum stability, but at the same time allows you to easily move the tables if a large company is arriving.

Fixed central base or with ballast

Base with adjustable feet

If you have a bar with an open space, tables with adjustable feet are ideal for irregular ground and floors, such as a sidewalk in the historic centre or by the sea.

Base with adjustable feet

Base with folding top

For small rooms with a large outdoor area it is important to reconcile the number of seats and the space for storing furniture. In this case, stackable or reclining tables are the solution to make room for everything.

Base with folding top

Four legs base

Stable and spacious, these tables are for you if customers also stop by for lunch or dinner. Your guests will be comfortable and it will be easy for you to put them near each other if necessary.

Four legs base

Take a look at which types of indoor or outdoor tops you can match the base.

Free samples

How to choose the most suitable material

Tables and chairs can be realized with an infinite number of materials, so choosing the most suitable may not be obvious. One of the most common materials in the furnishing of bars and ice cream parlours is metal, which is treated differently depending on the context of use. Discover the main differences.

Aluminum and steel

They are among the most used materials because they are durable, light, easy to move and clean. The aluminium in particular requires little maintenance: it does not rust, that's why it is especially indicated for outdoor furniture.

Cast and Iron

Heavy and very stable, iron or cast-iron tables have a classic taste and are most suitable for those who don't need to often change the arrangement of furniture.

Free samples

Processes and finishes in comparison

The metal can be treated on the surface in various ways, each of which confers specific properties.

Zinc coating (or galvanisation)

It is the process used to make metals resistant to corrosion. There are various methods of galvanization: cold, electrolytic or hot; the hot one is the best quality. The components are immersed in a bath of molten zinc which forms a thin protective layer on the surface and prevents the formation of rust.

Anodised aluminium

Similarly to galvanizing, anodizing is a process with which aluminum is treated to make it even more resistant to corrosion. It is an oxidation process by which an impermeable layer is formed on the surface.

Satin, brushed or polished aluminium

Polishing is a treatment that is done on metals (typically steel) to obtain a matt surface with a velvety, brushed (with fine regular scratches) or glossy effect. While mirror polishing makes surfaces shiny, satin or brushed ones are opaque and anti-fingerprint.

Chromed metal

Chrome plating is a process that covers the surface of the metal with a thin layer of another, more noble metal and makes it shiny, stainless and resistant to scratches. This process can also be used on other materials such as plastic.


Corten steel is very strong and durable. Simplifying, it is produced by removing the surface part of the metal, then it is treated with an oxidant that gives the characteristic rusty effect. The result is a material that is particularly resistant to sun, humidity and bad weather.


Finally, the furniture or metal components can be painted to give a particular color to the surface, with a glossy or matt finish. Among the types of painting there are also satin or chrome, which simulate the effect obtained with polishing or chrome plating.

How to choose the seat height according to the table

According to the tables you've selected for your room, you can match seats with different height. Typically for chairs, the seat height is between 43 and 47 cm. If, on the other hand, in your restaurant you want to create an informal area, where customers can get something quickly, you can opt for high tables and stools. For the latter it is necessary between the height of the seat and the table top there is a space of 25-35 cm. Here are some examples to choose the correct combinations.

Are you looking for inspiration? Start from here.

If you are not sure about the furniture style of your space, have a look to some projects we have realised.

Are you looking for inspiration? Start from here.

The services for you

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    Business Customer Service

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    Quick delivery

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  • International shipments

    International shipments

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  • Real & virtual showroom

    Real & virtual showroom

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Make yourself comfortable

Very trendy in recent years, the lounge area is very popular both inside and outside the premises. You can create the living room for your restaurant by combining sofas, poufs and coffee tables with an informal, sophisticated or design taste.

Estimates and Consultancy

Do you already know what you need for your restaurant? Write us what you need and what your favorite products are, we will prepare a customized quote for you.

Otherwise if you need support to choose furniture, tell us about your project. We will send you a proposal and together we will choose the most suitable furnishing for you.

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