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Furnishing solutions for the outdoors

When furnishing the exterior of a room , office or public space , the functions of the furnishing elements are various. In addition to welcoming customers, they organize the space, identify areas and activities to be carried out. In addition to this, the outdoor areas are exposed to weather conditions of any kind, not just during the summer. This is why outdoor spaces require greater accuracy in the choice of materials and consequently also in the design . We can help you with services dedicated to your business.

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Materials for outdoor furniture

Choosing materials for the outdoors is not just a question of style: depending on the activity and environment in which you will place them, plastic seats, upholstered outdoor sofas and armchairs, metal or wooden furnishings may be more suitable. Each material has different characteristics , more or less suitable for example for a beach club, a city bar or a hotel in the high mountains. To help you choose, start by comparing the various options.

Plastic furniture for the outdoors

Together with metal, plastic is one of the most used materials for outdoor furniture: resistant and versatile, it is an excellent choice even when the furniture remains outdoors all year round. Plastic chairs , tables and outdoor accessories are particularly practical and add a touch of color to the furnishings.

  • Polypropylene

    Lightweight, impact, scratch and chemical resistant, easy to clean. Polypropylene is particularly suitable for outdoors, but also for indoors: it is durable over time and suitable for public spaces where the furnishings are used intensively.

  • Polycarbonate

    Derived from carbonic acid, polycarbonate is a plastic of natural origin. Its main features are transparency and gloss . It has high thermal and shock resistance, making it suitable for outdoor use as well.

  • Polyethylene

    It is the most common plastic due to its resistance to water, UV rays, abrasion and chemical agents. Polypropylene is very light and is used in particular for large-sized furnishings with hollow interiors (e.g. armchairs, sofas, tables and bar counters).

  • Recycled plastic

    The need to protect the environment leads more and more companies to use plastic derived from industrial waste, post-consumer recycled or recovered from the oceans . The technical characteristics are the same as the virgin raw materials, so it is also perfectly suitable for the outdoors.

    Recycled plastic

Woven materials

Woven plastic (rattan-like)

Polypropylene and technopolymers are also used to make woven plastic furnishing threads , which simulate the appearance of natural fibers such as vimini, wicker and rattan. This material has a pleasant aesthetic result and all the advantages of plastic materials : it requires no maintenance, it is resistant and durable.

Braided rope

Very trendy in recent years, braided ropes are divided into two families: padded and without padding . The former are generally thick ropes with a rubber or plastic core covered with synthetic fabric , they are used as a soft covering for the seats. The braided ones without internal padding can be in synthetic, nautical or PVC rope . Both have an excellent aesthetic and technical result : they dry quickly and are very resistant.


Textilene is originally a brand of upholstery born in the USA, composed of polyester fibers covered with PVC ; however, there are many similar materials on the market. It is resistant to tears, UV rays and bad weather, which is why it is used above all in very sunny environments for chairs, sunbeds and deck chairs . Textilene is easy to clean with soap and water.

Padding for the outdoors

Another fundamental element for outdoor furniture is the material used for the padding of cushions and seats. It is important that it is able to drain the water quickly and dry in a short time . The most used materials are polyurethane and foam.

Metal furnishings: treatments and materials

Metal is widely used for outdoor spaces, in particular for seats and tables: it is chosen above all for its strenght and in places in historic centres , where there are particular landscape requirements. The most used metals are steel, aluminum, iron and cast iron, suitably worked to resist bad weather, rust, chemical agents and salt. In fact, before painting, immersion procedures are carried out on the components which prevent the formation of rust both on the outside and on the inside . Below are the main processes.


  • Treatment with epoxy or acrylic resins
  • The components are immersed in a bath of diluted paint and water through which an electric current is passed
  • This process allows the paint to coagulate creating a protective layer over the entire surface.

Zinc-coating (or Galvanizing)

  • Machining for all metals
  • The components are immersed in a bath of molten zinc
  • Thanks to the zinc bath, a protective layer is formed which prevents the formation of rust
  • Hot dip galvanizing is the best quality.


  • Treatment for aluminum
  • The components are immersed in a solution of sulfuric acid
  • The passage of electric current causes an oxidation process which forms an impermeable layer on the surface
  • The aluminum can then be painted and finished.

Painting for outdoor

It is one of the treatments used to finish, color and add further protection to the metal. Powder coating is the most popular technique. The pigments are precisely reduced to powder and sprayed on the furnishings using electrostatic guns. This creates a uniform and resistant layer which avoids the formation of drops, typical of spray painting. It is also an eco-sustainable process because it does not use solvents and allows unused paints to be reintroduced into the production cycle. The resins used are of different types: for outdoor furniture , polyester and polyurethane paints are used above all, which are very resistant to UV rays, atmospheric and chemical agents.

Anti-corrosion treatments

In addition to these processes, for particularly saline outdoor environments it is possible to request the addition of special anti-corrosion treatments , to ensure maximum durability of the furnishings.

Stainless steel

Stainless steel is an alloy made up of iron and carbon , to which chromium is added, an element which makes it particularly resistant to corrosion and temperatures. It is easy to clean and does not get hot on the surface. For furnishings that require maximum resistance to corrosion and high temperatures, the best choice is AISI 304 steel, used in particular for some bases and table tops.

Outdoor wooden furniture

Those who love the naturalness of wood can choose from many essences suitable also for open-air spaces, which give the environment an exotic and warm taste . Among these, teak, iroko and acacia are the most used to make not only chairs and tables, but also sunbeds, sofas and armchairs for outdoor use.


Extremely resistant to changes in temperature, water, humidity and saltiness, teak is of Asian, African or Brazilian origin and is one of the most popular essences for outdoor furniture . It is an oily hardwood that does not need painting. Over time, the surface takes on a silvery gray colour, a feature considered by many to be of great charm. If you want to keep the original color of the teak, just treat it with protective oils, sand it lightly and polish it with a jute cloth.


Stable and resistant, Iroko wood comes from Central Africa. It is a very hard and stable essence, it guarantees long life of the furnishings over time and it resists deformation and stress. The colour can vary from more yellow shades to dark brown depending on the seasoning.

Acacia wood is widely used for outdoor furniture. It has a softer texture as plants grow faster, making it easier to work with. A little more delicate than teak and iroko, but also cheaper , acacia wood is very elastic and compact, resistant to humidity and woodworm.

Outdoor wood maintenance

In general, to ensure that wooden furnishings maintain an optimal appearance over time, it is suggested to place them in covered outdoor environments and use the appropriate covers . In any case, almost all essences for outdoor furniture need regular maintenance with impregnating oils and/or water-based paints . The treatments are used to prevent the formation of moulds, fungus and the proliferation of parasites, especially if the furnishings are exposed to humidity, rain or sudden changes in temperature.

HPL (High Pressure Laminate)

HPL laminate is a material widely used in outdoor furniture, especially for table tops, due to its resistance to scratches, abrasions and chemical agents. The core of the HPL tops is made up of a pressed wood fiber panel made up of several layers pressed and impregnated with resins . The surface is typically melamine resin with a plain or textured printed surface, but can also be found in other materials. HPL furnishings do not require maintenance except for dark colours , which are to be used in covered outdoor areas.

Do you already have clear ideas?

If you already have in mind what you need for the outdoor space of your business, you can start choosing the furnishing elements you like. You have a large catalog of design products and brands at your disposal, to be combined according to your taste. Make a list of products and contact us: we will prepare an ad hoc quote for your business .

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