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Tiuku: Wall clock made of varnished metal, red colour

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Covo wall clock, made of metal

250,00 €
  • + Available versions
Aika: Wall clock with pendulum by Covo, blue colour

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Wall clock with pendulum by Covo, available in a variety of colours

178,00 €
  • + Available versions
Air du Temps: Kartell clock in gold colour

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Air du Temps

Kartell table clock in technopolymer

133,00 €
  • + Available versions
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Alarm Clock Classic Bell: Metal alarm clock from Present Time

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Alarm Clock Classic Bell

Alarm clock with a classic design from Present Time

28,50 €
Circle 7951: Wall clock in metal and heat-treated oak wood

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Circle 7951

Wall clock Tonin Casa, in metal and wood

448,20 € 498,00 € -10%
  • + Available versions
Crooked: Wall cuckoo clock made of wood, different colours available

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Wall cuckoo clock made of wood, with pendulum

458,60 € 509,50 € -9,9%
  • + Available versions
Discreet: Wall clock, in metal, black colour

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Present Time wall clock by Karlsson, in MDF and metal

140,00 €
Freebird Punk: Design cuckoo clock, in wood

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Freebird Punk

Pendulum clock by Progetti, in wood

220,70 € 245,20 € -9,9%
Globe: Green wall clock

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Green metal analogue wall clock with golden details

98,50 €
Nido: Cuckoo clock made of wood, black or white

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Cuckoo clock by Progetti, made of wood and copper

410,10 € 455,70 € -10%
  • + Available versions
Norman: Wall clock, steel-coloured case and white dial

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Wall clock with steel case and white dial

64,40 € 80,50 € -20%
Pendulum Charm Small: Wall clock with pendulum, black colour

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Pendulum Charm Small

Wall pendulum clock, black with gold details

69,25 €
Plumber: Table clock, black colour

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Table design clock, in ceramic available in several colours

25,90 € 51,80 € -50%
  • + Available versions
Sandglass Ball: Glass hourglass from Polspotten, with black sand

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Sandglass Ball

Polspotten glass hourglass

25,00 €
Tic&Tac: Kartell clock in gold colour

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Kartell wall clock in technopolymer

101,00 €
  • + Available versions
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Trace Wall Clock: Ferm Living wall clock

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Trace Wall Clock

Ferm Living wall clock

199,00 €
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Uhuhu: Wall or table cuckoo clock made of lacquered wood in light blue colour and cork

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Wall or table cuckoo clock by Progetti made of wood and cork

351,90 € 391,00 € -10%
  • + Available versions
Wall Clock: Wall Clock by HAY, white color

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Wall Clock

Analog wall clock, by HAY

115,00 €
  • + Available versions
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Wall clock Pendulum: Pendulum clock in metal

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Wall clock Pendulum

Pendulum clock Present Time by Karlsson, in metal

106,00 €
Walls Cucu: Cuckoo clock in wood, light blue version

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Walls Cucu

Cuckoo clock by Progetti made of wood

427,50 € 475,00 € -10%
24K: Metal cuckoo clock, gold colour


Design cuckoo clock made of metal by Progetti

673,10 € 747,90 € -10%
  • + Available versions
BirdWatching: Table cuckoo clock in wood, steel and lichens


Three-dimensional cuckoo clock for table by Progetti, wood steel and lichen

546,80 € 607,50 € -9,9%
  • + Available versions
Burano: Cuckoo clock in wood multicolour


Colorful design cuckoo clockby Progetti, in wood

451,70 € 501,90 € -10%
Campanile: Cuckoo clock with pendulum, black and gold


Wall or table cuckoo clock by Progetti, with pendulum

433,90 € 482,10 € -10%
  • + Available versions