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Furnishing solutions for restaurants

Renovating a bar or designing a new restaurant means choosing functional furnishings that can give personality to the environment. An activity as important as creating an excellent menu, to make your guests feel good when they sit at the table. We help you to furnish your space with services dedicated to your business.

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    Custom quotes

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    Professional advise

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    Certified products

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    Free samples

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Please, take a seat

The first thing you do in a restaurant is to accompany your guests to sit, for this reason it is important to welcome them with comfortable chairs, armchairs and sofas, also practical in terms of handling and hygiene. The choice of the seats may not be taken for granted, there are an infinite number of possible solutions. For this, we will help you.

  • Free samples
  • Free samples
  • Free samples

The importance of covering

Choosing covering for the upholstered elements in a restaurant is an important factor. Each material has different aesthetic and technical characteristics, which determine its price and make the difference in terms of performance over time. To select your choice, start comparing materials.

  • Fabrics in natural fibers

    Fabrics in natural fibers

    They are mainly cotton, linen or wool. The latter in particular is widely used for upholstery thanks to its properties: it resists to stains, fire (without the need for chemical treatments), wear and it is very comfortable.

    Fabrics in natural fibers
  • Fabrics in synthetic fibers

    Fabrics in synthetic fibers

    Among these are polyester, polypropylene and polyurethane: they are hypoallergenic, extremely resistant to use and fire, thay can be easly cleaned and disinfected. A lot of fabrics are realised with recycled materials as bottles and industrial waste.

    Fabrics in synthetic fibers
  • Faux leather

    Faux leather

    It is a covering that simulates the leather, but it is not from animal origin: it is composed by synthetic materials (PVC or polyurethane). It can have a smooth surface or a texture that imitates that of the leather; it is water-repellent, easy to clean and disinfect.

    Faux leather
  • True leather

    True leather

    Leather is one of the most comfortable and precious coverings. It is resistant, soft, water-repellent and with the use it acquires charme rather than spoiling.

    True leather
  • Eco-leather


    To not be confused with leather, eco-leather is a covering of animal origin that differs from leather for the materials and processes used in the tanning. The certified eco-leathers are produced following particular protocols for the protection of the environment.


Covering characteristics

To choose the covering of the chairs we advise you to compare some parameters and techical chracteristics of the upholstery.


When you choose the covering, the first thing to read is the composition. Much of the fabrics are composed by multiple fibers, to add resistance or elasticity to the fabric. The coverings in faux leather use mostly PVC and polyurethane, and a lot of them are produced in an eco-sustainable way.

Technical characteristics

Hydro-repellent fabrics / anti-stain treatments

Many fabrics used for restaurants are hydro-repellent and stain resistant thanks to surface treatments. This helps cleaning and allows you to limit damage related to use.

Abrasion resistance index (Martindale).

It considers the number of the abrasion cycles that the materials under test are subjected to. The parameters can go from 10.000 Martindale, for coverings for occasional and personal use, to 45.000 cycles and over, for heavy use materials (es. restaurants, bars, public transport). For public activities it is advisable to choose coverings with minimum 25.000-35.000 Martindale cycles.

Light resistance

It is measured with a parameter that indicates whether the fabric tends to discolour if exposed to direct light for long time. The minimum value is 1, the maximum is 8 and at each step of the scale the resistance capacity doubles.

Pilling resistance

The pilling is the formation of "little balls" on a covering surface due to rubbing. The index used to measure resistance ranges from 1 (minimum) to 5 (maximum).

Fire resistance

The ability of materials to resist fire is defined by “classes”. Typically, furnishings classified as “combustible but non-flammable” have a Class 1 or Class 2 certification.
Some synthetic fabrics as Trevira CS are not-flammable in a permanent way. Thanks to the material composition they don't require chemical treatments and the fire resistance doesn't change with use or washing. Others, on the other hand, become fireproof through surface treatments and require more care for washing.

Enjoy your meal!

The table is a key element of any room, both as an element of style and (above all) in functional terms. The tables you choose must be durable, aesthetically beautiful and flexyble for customer needs, for exemple when you need to add seats or serve important courses.

How to choose the right tables

You can opt for ready-made products or customize the tables by combining bases and tops. To evaluate the best solution, start by considering the following aspects.

Table sizes

Each person sitting at the table generally needs 60 cm of space. The most used dimensions for restaurant tables are:

  • Eco-leather
  • Eco-leather
  • Eco-leather
  • Eco-leather

Bases for restaurant tables

You can choose different types of base for the tables: with central column and weighted base, with or without adjustable feet, metal bases with a modern character or wooden structures for a more classic style. To each you can combine tops with different sizes and materials.

See all the table bases

Table tops

The materials used for the table tops are many, and different from each other. The composition is an element that determines the characteristics, the yield over time and the price. Here below the most important.

See all the tops


It is one of the most popular because it combines high resistance to scratches, stains or shocks, and low costs. It consists of a wood fiber panel (chipboard, recycled or plywood) coupled to a printed paper sheet and coated with a very resistant synthetic resin (melamine). The colours and printed textures have an excellent aesthetic result.


It differs from melamine for the materials with which the core of the top is made; it has a higher cost and a higher resistance. It is composed by several layers: a high-density fiber wood panel, pressed and impregnated with resins; a layer of printed paper with a solid colour or texture; a layer of melamine resin.


The veneer technique consists in covering a not very precious wood panel with a thin layer of precious wood (eg walnut, oak, mahogany). Compared to solid wood, it has a lower specific weight and a lower cost, with the same aesthetic result.

The services for you

The solid wood tops are made with the central part of the tree trunk, the most resistant and massive. The characteristic grain, knots and color change according to the type of wood used. These are the wooden tops par excellence, warm to the touch, durable and resistant over time.

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Are you looking for inspiration? Start from here.

If you are not sure about the furniture style of your space, have a look to some projects we have realised.

Are you looking for inspiration? Start from here.

Estimates and Consultancy

Do you already know what you need for your restaurant? Write us what you need and what your favorite products are, we will prepare a customized quote for you.

Otherwise if you need support to choose furniture, tell us about your project. We will send you a proposal and together we will choose the most suitable furnishing for you.

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