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Perfect for both home office and living room this modern stool supports an upright and dynamic posture which activates and strenghthens core muscles in the abdomen and back.

The ergonomic stool with its tilting movement and the possibility of adjusting the height, will surely provide the right position. Move R combines the advantages of sitting and standing up, following your body in various positions, maintaining the natural curvature of your backbone and offering freedom of movement to your body.

The seat has a shape of a saddle: it prevents you from slipping even when the legs are in a vertical position. This means that you may truly widen the angle between the bust and thighs, relieving pressure from the backbone and the neck, thus being able to breathe with greater ease and therefore increasing your concentration.

The Move R stool has a black metal column and 5-stars base with soft castors suitable for both hard and delicate floors.

The Move R stool is available in three different heights:

  • 51-70 cm
  • 58-84 cm
  • 67-93 cm.

The basis has a diameter of 58 cm, while the saddle seat has a diameter of 43 cm.

The seat is available with the following coverings:

  • Revive fabric: 100% recycled polyester, produced with the aim of reducing the environmental impact. This fabric is made up of two-coloured yarns and inspired by the nautical world; it is particularly resistant, fireproof and washable
  • Reflect fabric: 100% recycled polyester, very soft to the touch
  • Nitto fabric: micro-mesh lining composed of 46% virgin wool, 43% polyester, 11% nylon, particularly elastic thanks to its processing, uniform and soft to the touch
  • Re-Wool fabric: composed of 45% recycled wool, 45% worsted virgin wool, 10% nylon. This fabric is produced in an eco-sustainable way using waste derived from the production of other coatings
  • Fiord fabric: composed of 92% worsted virgin wool and 8% nylon, the surface of this melange yarn lining is reminiscent of the choppy waters of the Norwegian fjords.

Other coverings available upon request, please contact our Customer Service for further information.

Delivery times vary depending on the chosen upholstery:

  • Revive fabric: 4 weeks
  • other fabrics: 6-8 weeks.

All Varier products are accompanied with a quality control label and certificate for an extension of the guarantee up to 7 years on components and 5 years on mechanisms. To take advantage of the extension, customers must proceed to the registration of their own data and that of the product at the website

  • Depth 58 cm
  • Width 58 cm
  • 6.3 Kg
  • Requires assembly
  • Eco Friendly
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