Metal Stool Catalogue for Bars: Original Handiness

Alhambra S: Black varnished metal stool, seat white/black

Alhambra S

Metal stool with technopolymer seat, available in different colours and heights, also for outdoor

104,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Bouchon: Stools made of metal and cork


Domitalia metal stool, with cork seat, height at 66 cm or 76 cm

136,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Bouchon B: Stool with rust varnished metal structure

Bouchon B

Domitalia metal stool, with cork seat, height at 46 cm

117,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Ego-SG4: Swivel and adjustable stool made of metal coated in satin grey, white polypropylene seat


Domitalia swivel and adjustable metal stool, polypropylene seat

129,00 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Gel-R SA/B: Stool made of metal anthracite grey laquered with SAN seat in transparent anthracite grey colour

Gel-R SA/B

Domitalia stool made of metal and SAN, seat height 66 or 76 cm

132,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Gliss 902: Pedrali stool with chromed structure and seat in black polycarbonate, seat height 65 cm

Gliss 902

Modern Pedrali stool made of metal and polycarbonate

146,00 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Leaf/C: Varnished metal stool, with black polypropylene seat


Metal stool, with polypropylene seat, seat height 66 cm

101,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Lisa 2867: Metal stools, with technopolymer seat

Lisa 2867

Metal stool, technopolymer seat, stackable, for outdoor, seat height 76 cm

155,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Nolita S: Stool in anthracite orange varnished metal, seat height 65 cm

Nolita S

Pedrali stool in metal, stackable, seat height 65 or 75 cm, for outdoor use

172,20 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Pick: Stools made of varnished metal with cork seat in natural colour, two different heights available


Domitalia stool made of metal, cork or padded seat, height at 66 cm or 78 cm

98,10 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Slot S: Design stool, green colour

Slot S

Stacking metal stool with technopolymer seat, also for outdoor

93,50 € + VAT
Tondina Pop SG: Stool in black varnished metal, seat and backrest in green polypropylene

Tondina Pop SG

Infiniti metal stool, seat and backrest in polypropylene, seat height 67.3 cm

249,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Tondina SG: Stool made of black varnished metal, seat and backrest in oak plywood, anthracite grey varnished

Tondina SG

Infiniti metal stool, seat and backrest made of plywood, seat height 67.3 cm

374,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Uni 378: Metal stool, black polypropylene shell, seat height 76 cm

Uni 378

Design stool made of metal and polypropylene, stackable, different seat's heights, also for garden

112,30 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Arod 500: Stool made of acrylic and metal, black colour

Arod 500

Pedrali stool, in metal and technopolymer, seat height 65 or 76 cm

251,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Babah SG: Stool in white lacquered metal and white polyurethane

Babah SG

Stool Chairs&More, in metal and polyurethane, available in different seat height

163,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Blog S: Modern stool with black structure and seat, for outdoor

Blog S

High stool in metal, stackable, available in different heights and colours, also for outdoor

145,00 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Bobo: Stool made of metal and polypropylene, different colours and heights


Infiniti backless stool with metal frame and polypropylene seat

143,20 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cover SG: Metal stool with leather, imitation leather or fabric seat

Cover SG

Midj stackable metal stool, different upholsteries available, two heights

206,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cube 1402 P: Metal stool, with padded seat covered in black leather

Cube 1402 P

Modern stool Pedrali, in metal, height of 65 or 80 cm, with padded seat in true leather

207,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cube 1402 UP: Stool with imitation leather orange

Cube 1402 UP

Stool by Pedrali with steel frame and upholstered seat, seat height 65 or 80 cm

182,00 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cube 1402/RV: Pedrali stool, satin frame and wengè dyed oak seat, 70 cm high

Cube 1402/RV

Pedrali stool with metal frame and wooden seat in different finishes, seat height 70 or 80 cm

149,20 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cube 1403: Low stool in satinized metal, seat in white imitation leather

Cube 1403

Low stool Pedrali in metal, seat's height 50 cm, upholstered seat available with different coverings

178,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cube XL 1461: Bar stool in chromed metal, with black imitation leather seat

Cube XL 1461

High stool in metal, with upholstered seat and back, different finishes available

347,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions