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Beyond the shape boundaries

Magis furnishings cross the borders of traditional shapes and designs. Each of them brings a strong and unique personality to every room, be it a home or office, a garden, a restaurant or a hotel lobby.
Magis chairs, tables and accessories are for those who want to surround themselves with objects able to redesign their function and living space.

Authentic design icons

Pure and minimal shapes go alongside daring or eccentric furnishing elements. For Magis, design requires freedom. This is the only way to create furnishing elements bound to become design icons, such as the Spun swivel armchair, the futuristic Chair_One or the essential Déjà-vu stool.

International vision and made in Italy

Founded in 1976 by Eugenio Perazza, who won the Compasso d'Oro career award in 2020, the Magis company combines a cosmopolitan vision and a strong attachment to the territory. Winner of numerous awards thanks to the collaboration with international designers such as Alessandro Mendini, Philippe Starck, Konstantin Grcic and Inga Sempé - just to name a few - Magis manufactures all products in Italy.
Air-armchair: Chair with armrests by Magis, beige color

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Stackable chair with armrests by Magis, in polypropylene

140,00 €
  • + Available versions
Air-chair: Polypropylene chairs by Magis, Air-chair model

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Stackable chair in polypropylene by Magis

134,00 €
  • + Available versions
Chair_One: Design chairs by Magis, gray color

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Design chair by Magis, in painted metal

354,00 €
  • + Available versions
Folding Air-chair: Magis folding outdoor chair, white color

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Folding Air-chair

Folding chair by Magis, in polypropylene

238,00 €
  • + Available versions
Milà: Chairs with armrests by Magis, Milà model

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Stackable chair with armrests by Magis in polypropylene

238,00 €
  • + Available versions
Poppins: Umbrella stand by Magis, white color

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Umbrella stand by Magis in glossy ABS

171,00 €
  • + Available versions
Puppy: Cane in polietilene di Magis, colore verde, dimensione L

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Magis abstract dog, a piece of furniture or a seat for children

77,00 €
  • + Available versions
Sequoia: Sgabello in metallo di Magis, modello Sequoia, colore nero (altezza 66 cm)

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Stool without back by Magis, available in two heights

415,00 €
  • + Available versions
Tempo: Wall clock by Magis, black color

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Magis wall clock, available in three colors

104,00 €
  • + Available versions
360°: Container with drawers by Magis, green color, size S


Container with drawers by Magis, in two sizes

549,00 €
  • + Available versions
Air-table: Polypropylene table by Magis, combined with Air-armchair chairs


Stackable garden table by Magis, with hole for parasol

329,00 €
  • + Available versions
Baguette: Magis table with black metal structure and slate top


Tavolo fisso di Magis con struttura a cavalletto, in due misure

1.452,00 €
  • + Available versions
Bell Chair: Magis recycled polypropylene chairs

Bell Chair

Recycled plastic chair by Magis, stackable

98,00 €
  • + Available versions
Big Will: Tavolo allungabile Big Will di Magis, con piano in noce americano

Big Will

Extendable table by Magis, with glass or solid wood top

4.819,00 €
  • + Available versions
Bureaurama High Table: Fixed table by Magis, combined with a stool from the same collection

Bureaurama High Table

Magis design high table, with 109 x 67 cm top

1.342,00 €
  • + Available versions
Bureaurama Shelving System: Magis floor bookcase, height 195 cm

Bureaurama Shelving System

Freestanding bookcase by Magis, in two heights

2.013,00 €
  • + Available versions
Bureaurama Stool: The Bureaurama stool collection by Magis

Bureaurama Stool

Magis design stool, with metal frame without backrest, in three heights

519,00 €
  • + Available versions
Bureaurama Table: Fixed table by Magis, combined with a stool from the same collection

Bureaurama Table

Magis design table, with 109 x 57 cm top

1.220,00 €
  • + Available versions
Déjà-vu: Stool without backrest by Magis, in black painted aluminum (height 76 cm)


Magis aluminum stool, in three heights

305,00 €
  • + Available versions
First: First outdoor chairs by Magis


Stackable chair in polypropylene by Magis

177,00 €
  • + Available versions
Magis Proust: Magis Proust designer armchair, multicolor version with white background

Magis Proust

Design armchair in polyethylene by Magis

952,00 €
  • + Available versions
Mariolina Mono: Mariolina Mono chairs by Magis, in white

Mariolina Mono

Stackable chair by Magis, with steel frame and polypropylene seat

144,00 €
  • + Available versions
Nuovastep: Magis folding ladder, in white


Magis folding ladder

305,00 €
  • + Available versions
Officina: Magis chair in forged iron and black polypropylene, combined with a table from the same collection


Magis design chair with forged iron structure and polypropylene seat

549,00 €
  • + Available versions