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Avana L Panca: Ecological and washable bench in havana colour

Avana L Panca

Ecological soft bench, washable, available in several colours

317,50 €
  • + Available versions
Avana L Poltrona: Avana L Poltrona in white colour

Avana L Poltrona

Ecological armchair, several colours available, washable

566,80 €
  • + Available versions
Avana L Pouf: Avana L Pouf in avana colour

Avana L Pouf

Ecological Pouf, several colours available, washable

192,20 €
  • + Available versions
Avana Panca: Avana Soft finish

Avana Panca

Ecological bench made with raffia paper, available in several colours

269,00 €
  • + Available versions
Avana Poltrona: Avana colour

Avana Poltrona

Ecological Armchair made with paper, available in several colours

367,60 €
  • + Available versions
Avana Pouf: Avana Soft finish

Avana Pouf

Ecological pouf made of paper, available in several colours

120,20 €
  • + Available versions
Scaffale Concept: Shelf made of corrugated paper, in the natural colour

Scaffale Concept

Ecological shelf in corrugated paper, height 200 cm

469,60 €
  • + Available versions
Stracci Pouf: Stracci pouff

Stracci Pouf

Pouf made of scraps of clothes

426,90 €
Tavolino concept: Coffee table made of cardboard, in the natural colour

Tavolino concept

Ecological shelf in cardboard, several colours, height 50 cm

83,00 €
  • + Available versions