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Gebrüder Thonet Vienna GmbH (GTV) is a historic Viennese brand, famous for having patented the technique of steam-bent wood, a recurring element in the brand's products. Another must-have element is the "Vienna straw", whose delicate weave makes any piece of furniture sophisticated and special.

GTV's products are timeless, never predictable and always elegant, perfect for contemporary classic interiors.

When innovation and classic style meet

GTV has countless collaborations with outstanding designers, including LucidiPevere. The two designers were able to create a counter-trend armchair for GTV, with unusual shapes, but combined with a classic structure. The backrest of the Chignon armchair is reminiscent of a hairstyle and the entire seat is deliberately remind to the silhouette of a shapely, curvaceous woman.

Chignon is an example of GTV's orientation towards innovation, which is not afraid to change and evolve, but always carries with it the history and tradition of the brand.

From craftsmanship to industry

The company was founded in Vienna in 1842, when Michael Thonet patented the technique of steam bending wood, speeding up the production process and enabling mass production. Within a few years, production expanded worldwide.

Thanks to its innovative approach and techniques, GTV has always been and continues to be a pioneering company, bringing Viennese style to the world.

Eyeshine: Design mirror in curved solid wood

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Design mirror in curved solid wood, different colors and sizes available

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Waltz: Modular coat rack, black colour, additional hook



Wall-mounted designer coat rack with curved shapes, various colours available

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