Bar Stools: practical Seats for Outdoor

Available versions


Stool in metal and polymer, stackable, seat's height 66 or 76 cm, also for outdoor

92,19 € + VAT

Available versions

Lisa 2867

Metal stool, technopolymer seat, stackable, for outdoor, seat height 76 cm

141,20 € + VAT

Available versions

Abuela Stool

Design stool in technopolymer, suitable for both indoor and outdoor use, stackable

77,47 € + VAT

Available versions


Bar pouf in polyethylene for outdoor or padded, several colours

66,50 € + VAT

Available versions


Pouf in polyethylene for outdoor, also with small table, available in several colours

177,90 € + VAT

Available versions

Fuller SG

Design stool in metal and technopolymer, also suitable for outdoor

105,00 € + VAT

Available versions

Ibis 302

Design stool for bar, in metal and technopolymer, available in several colours and heights, also for outdoor

86,90 € + VAT

Available versions

Kate Sg 2346

Technopolymer stool, stackable, also for garden, available in different colors

58,60 € + VAT

Available versions

Nassau S

Design stool in polypropylene, stackable, available in several heights, also for outdoor

73,50 € + VAT

Available versions

Più S 2337

Technopolymer stool, seat at 65 or 75 cm, stackable, also for garden

58,60 € + VAT

Available versions

Roller S

Design stool in technopolymer, available in different heights, also for outdoor

108,99 € + VAT

Available versions

Aero 24

Emu stackable stool made of metal, seat's height 75 cm, also for garden

168,20 € + VAT

Available versions

Amélie Sgabello

Slide stool in polyethylene, stackable, also for garden

89,10 € + VAT

Available versions

Armillaria SG

Plust polyethilene stool, different colours available, also for outdoor use

95,10 € + VAT

Available versions

Cannes SG Idol Collection

Outdoor stool, in metal, with textilene and polyethylene covering, seat height 75 cm, stackable

92,40 € + VAT

Available versions

CB1984 Bayo

Connubia stackable stool, made of polypropylene, seat height 65 or 76 cm, for outdoors also

93,10 € + VAT

Available versions

Charles Ghost

Kartell design stool, in polycarbonate, stackable, available in different seat heights, also for garden

105,80 € + VAT

Available versions


Outdoor high stool in metal, multilayer seat, height 80 cm

68,70 € + VAT

Available versions


Slide stool in polyethylene, also for garden

175,50 € + VAT

Available versions

Eva S

Fixed bar stool, height 64 cm, in metal with seat in polypropylene, available in different colours, also outdoor version

133,20 € + VAT

Available versions


Polypropylene stool, stackable, available with several seat's heights, also for garden

62,30 € + VAT

Available versions

Frozen Square SG

Plust polyethylene stool, seat height 74 cm, different colours available, also for outdoors

124,60 € + VAT

Available versions

Fura SG

Plust polyethylene stool, seat height 75 cm, different colours available, also for outdoors

82,00 € + VAT

Available versions

Fura SG – LU

Plust polyethylene stool with lighting system, seat height 75 cm, also for outdoors

210,70 € + VAT