High Tables

AV123B: Bar high table, wood, walnut dye


Wooden high table, different sizes

210,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Banket: High table for bars in metal, natural oak laminate


Bar height table in metal, suitable for outdoor

343,50 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
City-TB: High table made of anthracite grey varnished steel, rectangular top in stained fir multilayer


High table for outdoor, in metal, solid wood top, different sizes available, H 110 cm

112,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Deck: Laminate table matching with Uni 378 stools


High table made of laminate, available in several sizes

1.719,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
DT86: Beech wood high table with square leg


Wooden high table for bar and restaurants, available in customized colours and sizes

72,30 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Faro: High table for restaurant, in metal


Metal high table, top in steel, ∅70 cm

Price on request
  • + Available versions
Hoplà L: Round table, also for garden, matched with stool Koncord

Hoplà L

Slide high table in polyethylene, laminated wooded top, different sizes, also with light system and for garden

381,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Master of Love: High table made of polyethylene in white colour with white HPL round top, also for outdoor

Master of Love

High polyethylene table, HPL top, in different sizes and colours, 110 cm high, for garden also

477,00 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Oxford: High table made of Poleasy®, white colour, also for outdoor, matched with Oxford SG stools


High table made of technopolymer, different colours available, also for outdoor, diameter 70 cm

408,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Peak: Polyethylene tables with glass top, different colours and sizes,


Polyethylene table, glass top, different colors and sizes, also for outdoor or with light

371,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
RIG34TH: High metal table for outdoor, anthracite grey colour


Metal high table, square top 80 x 80 cm, for bars and restaurants outdoors

259,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
RIG72TH: High metal table, white colour, for outdoor (size: 120 x 80 cm)


High metal table, different sizes available, height 105 cm, for garden

286,30 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Serif 861: High table, light grey colour

Serif 861

High table by Pedrali, in polyethylene with solid laminated top, height 100 cm, for outdoors also

409,10 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Shine H: High table with structure and top in matt white

Shine H

High table in aluminium with squared top 60 x 60 cm, for outdoor

412,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Step: High table 110 cm


High table with structure in metal and laminae top, height 110 cm, available in different dimensions an colours, also for outdoors

386,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Togo H: High Table bar, white powder coated, matched with Hx 4446 stools

Togo H

Pedrali high table in aluminium, with laminated top, available in different sizes

405,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Tonda 4154R: High table base for bar, with footrest

Tonda 4154R

High table base for bar or restaurant, in metal, with footrest, available in different colours

Price on request
  • + Available versions
Trocadero T: Talenti high table in metal, black color, combined with Trocadero SG stools

Trocadero T

High table in aluminum, 60 x 60 cm, stackable, for outdoor

380,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Way: Side table in red varnished metal, height 74 cm


High metal coffee table, also for garden, different heights available

289,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Yard T5: Bar table matching with Yard S stools

Yard T5

Aluminium table with rectangular top, 180 x 70 cm, for outdoor

1.117,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions