High Tables

Available versions


High table for bars and restaurants, in aluminium and synthetic rattan, for outdoor, available in different colours, height 111 cm

238,80 € + VAT

Available versions


Wooden high table, different sizes

141,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Bar height table in metal, suitable for outdoor

245,70 € + VAT

Available versions

Base Inox 4 H110

Bar high table 4-footed base in stain less steel, for outdoor, height 110 cm

53,00 € + VAT

Available versions


High table with structure in laminated and footrest in chromed metal, height 110 cm, available different finishes

466,20 € + VAT

Available versions


Outdoor high table in metal, top in metal or multilayer, different sizes available, height 110 cm

112,80 € + VAT

Available versions


High table made of laminate, several sizes and colours

854,10 € + VAT

Available versions

Double Table

Tall bar table with two tops, for outdoor use

175,20 € + VAT

Available versions


Wooden high table for bar and restaurants, available in customized colours and sizes

72,30 € + VAT

Available versions


Metal high table, top in steel, ∅70 cm

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Available versions

Hoplà L

Slide high in polyethylene, laminated wooded top, different sizes and colours, also for outdoor use

335,00 € + VAT

Available versions

Komodo Bar

High table in aluminium and synthetic rattan, for outdoor, 70x70 cm, 110 cm

224,30 € + VAT

Available versions

Master of Love

High polyethylene table, HPL top, different sizes and colours available, also for garden, height 110 cm

450,00 € + VAT

Available versions


High table made of technopolymer, different colours available, also for outdoor, round or square top

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Available versions


Polyethylene table, glass top, different colours and sizes, also for outdoor or with light system

260,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Metal high table, square top 80 x 80 cm, for bars and restaurants outdoors

144,50 € + VAT

Available versions


High metal table, different colours and sizes, height 105 cm, for bars and restaurants outdoors

153,20 € + VAT

Available versions

Serif 861

Bar or restaurant high table, in polyethylene with solid laminated top, height 100 cm, available in different colours, also for outdoor

195,60 € + VAT

Available versions

Shine H

High table in aluminium, with squared top 60x60 cm, for outdoor

345,10 € + VAT

Available versions


High table with structure in metal and laminae top, height 110 cm, available in different dimensions an colours, also for outdoors

313,80 € + VAT

Available versions

Togo H

High table for bar and restaurant, in aluminium, with laminated top, different dimensions and colours available

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Available versions

Tonda 4154R

High table base for bar or restaurant, in metal, with footrest, available in different colours

96,90 € + VAT

Available versions

Trocaredo T

Squared table for bar or restaurant, in aluminum, stackable, for outdoor

382,80 € + VAT

Available versions


High table for bars and restaurants, made of aluminium and imitation rattan, glass top, with ice bucket, also for outdoor

319,20 € + VAT