Outlet Connubia Calligaris

CB1069 Air High: Stackable chair made of satin varnished metal and Net Steel

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CB1069 Air High

Connubia stackable chair in metal and net, high backrest

124,00 € 155,00 €
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CB1095 Cruiser Outlet: Metal chair with arctic leather covering

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CB1095 Cruiser Outlet

Connubia metal chair with true leather covered seat

363,90 € 616,00 €
CB1287 Amsterdam: Connubia chair with armrests, chromed frame and black imitation leather covering

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CB1287 Amsterdam

Connubia metal chair, with imitation leather covering

154,80 € 262,00 €
CB1662 Emma Outlet: Chair with black varnished metal frame and seat covered with leather, coffee brown version

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CB1662 Emma Outlet

Connubia metal chair, seat covered with leather

165,50 € 280,00 €
CB1806 Frida Outlet: Chairs with dove-grey varnished metal frame and seat covered with imitation leather in grey colour

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CB1806 Frida Outlet

Connubia metal chair, seat covered with imitation leather

138,00 € 233,50 €
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CB1909 Club: Modern stool in metal with hezelnut imitation leather covering

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CB1909 Club

Connubia stool made of metal, imitation leather seat, seat height 68 cm

139,40 € 236,00 €
  • + Available versions
CB4067-A D60 Area T Outlet: Connubia round table with metal structure and tabletop in melamine wood, opaque optic white colour

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CB4067-A D60 Area T Outlet

Connubia round table, metal structure and tabletop in melamine wood, 60 cm diameter, for outdoors

243,00 € 405,00 €
  • + Available versions
CB93 Air: Stackable metal chair with white Nancy net seat

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CB93 Air

Connubia metal chair, net seat and back, stackable

115,20 € 144,00 €
  • + Available versions
CS1002 Online: Stool made of chromed metal with plywood seat, graphite colour

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CS1002 Online

Connubia stool made of metal and plywood, seat height 80 cm

108,60 € 179,50 €
  • + Available versions
CB1084 New York SP Outlet: Chromed metal chair covered with imitation leather, black colour


CB1084 New York SP Outlet

Connubia metal chair, covered with imitation leather

127,00 € 215,00 €
  • + Available versions
CB4053- R La Locanda Outlet: Bleached beech wood table


CB4053- R La Locanda Outlet

Connubia wooden table

248,10 € 420,00 €
CB4739-R Giove Outlet: Connubia rectangular table with hazelnut varnished metal frame and tobacco oak veneered wooden top


CB4739-R Giove Outlet

Connubia extendable metal table with veneered wood top, extensible

546,00 € 924,00 €
  • + Available versions
CS4011 Airport:


CS4011 Airport

Connubia extendable metal table, glass top, 130 x 90 cm

795,00 € 1.590,00 €