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Shapes inspired by nature, natural materials, soft shades, for those who want to furnish their home with furniture and accessories that inspire well-being and serenity as soon as you cross the threshold of a room. The design of the Bolia furnishings is minimal and at the same time full of personality , suitable for those who love the Nordic style and refined spaces.

The Danish origins of the company can be read in every piece of furniture, which is inspired by nature and the succession of seasons, by the craft traditions and the culture of beauty of the Scandinavian countries. Each piece of furniture is designed with sensitivity even for the smallest details, from the choice of eco-sustainable and certified materials , to the design and production.

Bolia's head office is in Denmark, but today it is present in over fifty countries with boutique stores and online retailers.

Cocoon: Coat stand with storage basket by Bolia

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Coat hanger with wicker basket by Bolia

586,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cesta: Coffe table in wood and white varnished metal, high model

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Coffee table in wood and metal, wooden top, with inner container - Expo product

468,00 € 780,00 € -40%
Haven Mirror: Floor mirror by Bolia, with oak structure

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Haven Mirror

Floor mirror by Bolia with oak wood structure

589,00 €
  • + Available versions
Mix GM: Coffe table in wengè stained oak, brown marble top, S model

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Mix GM

Coffee table in wood, marble top

699,30 € 999,00 € -30%
Nob Coat Rack & Hook: Coat stand in oiled oak with cream hooks, length 107 cm

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Nob Coat Rack & Hook

Wooden coat stand with four polypropylene hooks, by Bolia

250,00 €
  • + Available versions
Ovals GM: Shelf in metal and glass, different dimensions available

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Ovals GM

Wall shelf, in metal and glass, available in different dimensions

71,40 € 102,00 € -30%
Ribbed Basket: Bolia jute multipurpose baskets

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Ribbed Basket

Bolia jute multipurpose basket

23,00 €
  • + Available versions
Ribbed Laundry Basket: Jute laundry basket by Bolia, medium size

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Ribbed Laundry Basket

Jute laundry basket by Bolia

81,00 €
  • + Available versions
Scribe Floor: Floor and table lamps from the Scribe collection by Bolia

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Scribe Floor

Metal floor lamp by Bolia, with adjustable light

470,00 €
  • + Available versions
Stage: Shelf with two shelves by Bolia

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Shelf in Bolia oak wood, with two shelves

437,00 €
  • + Available versions
Trapeze Hook: Coat hooks by Bolia

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Trapeze Hook

Coat hook by Bolia, in wood and leather

40,00 €
  • + Available versions
Wave Shelf: Shelves from the Wave collection by Bolia

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Wave Shelf

Mensola di Bolia in legno di rovere

306,00 €
  • + Available versions
X-Stool: Low stool by Bolia

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Low backless stool by Bolia, height 45 cm

265,00 €
  • + Available versions
Zen Rug: The Zen carpet collection by Bolia

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Zen Rug

Shaped rug in Bolia wool, in different shapes

684,00 €
  • + Available versions
Acorn: Acorn suspension lamps by Bolia


Suspension lamp by Bolia in glass and wood

406,00 €
  • + Available versions
Balloon: The collection of Balloon lamps by Bolia, ivory color


Suspension lamp by Bolia, with fabric lampshade

443,00 €
  • + Available versions
Bulk Vase: The Bulk vase collection by Bolia, caramel colour

Bulk Vase

Flower vase or cache pot by Bolia in blown glass

54,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cana Bedside Table: Suspended bedside table by Bolia, height 20 cm

Cana Bedside Table

Suspended bedside table by Bolia in oak wood and Vienna straw

576,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cana Dresser: Tall chest of drawers by Bolia, with flap door and three drawers

Cana Dresser

High chest of drawers by Bolia in oak wood and Vienna straw

2.188,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cana Highboard: Bolia sideboard with oak structure, height 108 cm

Cana Highboard

Sideboard by Bolia in oak and Vienna straw, with glass doors

1.857,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cana Media: Low cabinet for living room by Bolia

Cana Media

Low furniture for living room by Bolia, in oak and Vienna straw

1.579,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cana Sideboard: Sideboard by Bolia in oak wood

Cana Sideboard

Sideboard by Bolia in wood and Vienna straw, with four glass doors

2.601,00 €
  • + Available versions
Cana Wall Cabinet: Sideboard with glass doors by Bolia, height 67 cm

Cana Wall Cabinet

Credenza sospesa di Bolia in legno di rovere e paglia di Vienna, con ante in vetro

1.076,00 €
  • + Available versions
Display Shelf: Mensole in legno di Bolia con forma asimmetrica

Display Shelf

Asymmetrical shelf by Bolia, in solid oak wood

256,00 €
  • + Available versions