Outlet Connubia

CB08 Quadro: Folding table made of white melamine

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CB08 Quadro

Connubia table-console made of melamine, folding

100,10 € 143,00 € -30%
CB1095 Cruiser Outlet: Metal chair with arctic leather covering

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CB1095 Cruiser Outlet

Connubia metal chair with true leather covered seat

363,90 € 616,00 € -41%
CB1243 Denmark: Stackable chair made of wengè beech wood with imitation leather covering in noisette colour

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CB1243 Denmark

Connubia stackable wooden chair, padded seat with imitation leather covering

63,00 € 126,00 € -50%
CB1287 Amsterdam: Connubia chair with armrests, chromed frame and black imitation leather covering

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CB1287 Amsterdam

Connubia metal chair, with imitation leather covering

154,80 € 262,00 € -41%
CB1312 Helios: Dove grey polypropylene chair

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CB1312 Helios

Connubia stackable polypropylene chair, also for outdoor

64,40 € 92,00 € -30%
  • + Available versions
CB1343 Superstar Outlet: Chromed metal stool, beech multilayer seat in wengè finish

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CB1343 Superstar Outlet

Connubia swivel metal stool, adjustable in height, seat in regenerated hide

109,20 € 182,00 € -40%
CB1362 Jenny: Chair made of satin varnished metal, with grey texplast net seat and backrest

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CB1362 Jenny

Connubia stackable metal chair with Texplast net seat and backrest

78,40 € 112,00 € -30%
  • + Available versions
CB1472 Sami: Chair with ash wooden frame, natural oak finish, and seat covered with fabric, smoke grey colour

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CB1472 Sami

Connubia wooden chair, seat covered with fabric

193,90 € 277,00 € -30%
  • + Available versions
CB1472 Sami Outlet: Connubia chair with structure in smoke-stained ash and aquamarine seat

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CB1472 Sami Outlet

Connubia wooden chair, seat covered with fabric

174,60 € 291,00 € -40%
  • + Available versions
CB1528 Jelly: Whitened beech chair with mustard yellow polypropylene seat

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CB1528 Jelly

Connubia wooden chair with polypropylene seat

116,90 € 167,00 € -30%
  • + Available versions
CB1529 Jelly: Whitened beech stools with optic white polypropylene seat

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CB1529 Jelly

Connubia wooden stool with polypropylene seat, seat height 65 cm

143,50 € 205,00 € -30%
  • + Available versions
CB1662 Emma Outlet: Chair with black varnished metal frame and seat covered with leather, coffee brown version

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CB1662 Emma Outlet

Connubia metal chair, seat covered with leather

165,50 € 280,00 € -41%
CB1806 Frida Outlet: Chairs with dove-grey varnished metal frame and seat covered with imitation leather in grey colour

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CB1806 Frida Outlet

Connubia metal chair, seat covered with imitation leather

138,00 € 233,50 € -41%
  • + Available versions
CB1956 Snack Outlet: Chairs made of varnished metal, seat and backrest in plywood

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CB1956 Snack Outlet

Connubia metal chair, with plywood seat

69,60 € 116,00 € -40%
CB1957 Industrial: Varnished metal stools

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CB1957 Industrial

Connubia metal stool, seat height 65 or 80 cm

111,60 € 186,00 € -40%
  • + Available versions
CB2102 Stulle GM: Stool with black painted metal frame and seat covered with fabric, saffron colour

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CB2102 Stulle GM

Connubia stool with curved metal structure, seat height 76 cm

164,50 € 235,00 € -30%
CB4005-FD 90 Planet GM: Planet table by Connubia with chromed base and glossy white lacquered top

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CB4005-FD 90 Planet GM

Connubia table with metal base and lacquered top, diameter 90 cm

341,50 € 683,00 € -50%
CB4067-A D60 Area T Outlet: Connubia round table with metal structure and tabletop in melamine wood, opaque optic white colour

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CB4067-A D60 Area T Outlet

Connubia round table, metal structure and tabletop in melamine wood, 60 cm diameter, for outdoors

243,00 € 405,00 € -40%
  • + Available versions
CB4069-R 160 Sigma GM: Extendable table made of veneered wood, matt optic white lacquered

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CB4069-R 160 Sigma GM

Connubia table in veneered wood, different finishes available, 160 x 90 cm extendable

1.299,90 € 1.857,00 € -30%
CB5029 Bubbles: Modern mirror with glossy black frame

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CB5029 Bubbles

Connubia modern mirror, with wooden frame

174,00 € 290,00 € -40%
CB5061 Islands Outlet: Metal coffee table with matt black laminated top

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CB5061 Islands Outlet

Connubia metal coffee table, lacquered top

310,20 € 517,00 € -40%
  • + Available versions
CB5215-G E Yo! Outdoor: Connubia outdoor coffee table, with white painted aluminum structure and gray Piasentina ceramic top (render)

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CB5215-G E Yo! Outdoor

Connubia outdoor coffee table, with metal frame and HPL, eco-stone or ceramic top

494,20 € 706,00 € -30%
CB5215-P E Yo! Outdoor: Connubia ci outdoor coffee table, with saffron painted metal structure and white HPL top (render)

Express Delivery

CB5215-P E Yo! Outdoor

Connubia outdoor coffee table, with metal frame and HPL, eco-stone or ceramic top

317,10 € 453,00 € -30%
CB1084 New York SP Outlet: Chromed metal chair covered with imitation leather, black colour


CB1084 New York SP Outlet

Connubia metal chair, covered with imitation leather

127,00 € 215,00 € -41%
  • + Available versions