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Nordic design and soft colours characterise HAY's collections, which are inspired everyday life. Nowadays, private and professional lives no longer have any marked boundaries, which is why HAY is committed to creating furniture, lighting and objects that can be adapted to different contexts. The collections are united by a welcoming and reassuring design, the colours and shapes are in harmony between man and nature.

Design for everyone

HAY's aim is to make high quality design products available to a wide audience. It is constantly striving to create functional and aesthetically pleasing furniture and objects in collaboration with talented designers from all over the world. One example is Rope trick, the floor lamp designed by Stefan Diez and exhibited in MoMA's permanent collection.

Focus on quality and sustainability

HAY was born in 2002 when Rolf Hay met Troels Holch Povlsen, founder of the clothing giant Bestseller. The two decided to start producing high quality furniture at affordable prices by asking the best designers for help. Over the years, the Danish company's production has expanded to include furnishing accessories and giftware, while maintaining its focus on the quality and sustainability of the raw materials used. Today HAY products are sold and known all over the world.

Apex Clip: Lamp with clamp connection and steel lampshade, red colour

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Apex Clip

Lamp by Hay, with clip attachment and steel lampshade

69,10 € 86,40 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Arcs mirror: Arcs mirror, round model in red and rectangular model L in burgundy

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Arcs mirror

Hay metal wall mirror, round or rectangular, with arch motif

340,00 € 426,00 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Bolt Hook: Red Bolt Hook

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Bolt Hook

Sed di 2 ganci appendiabiti da muro di Hay, in acciaio verniciato

23,60 € 29,50 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Borosilicate Jug: Borosilicate Jug in pink and blue color

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Borosilicate Jug

Carafe in borosilicate glass, by HAY

63,20 € 79,00 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Borosilicate Mug: Hay mugs in blue glass

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Borosilicate Mug

Mug in borosilicate glass, by HAY

23,20 € 29,00 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Canopy: Transparent waterproof POE fabric rain umbrella with black handle

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HAY rain umbrella, transparent with black handle

20,30 € 25,40 € -20%
Colour Crate M: Recycled plastic container, electric blue color.

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Colour Crate M

Hay's recycled plastic container

9,80 € 12,20 € -20%
Colour Crate S: Terracotta Color Crate S

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Colour Crate S

Hay container made of 100% recyclable plastic

4,90 € 6,10 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Colour Sticks: Color Sticks set of 4 pcs

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Colour Sticks

Set of 4 wooden chopsticks, by HAY

36,60 € 45,80 € -20%
CPH 90 Desk: Desk with solid oak frame and off-white linoleum top

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CPH 90 Desk

Desk with solid lacquered oak frame and linoleum or oak veneer top

715,00 € 893,70 € -20%
  • + Available versions
DLM: Painted metal side table with handle

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Painted metal coffee table by HAY with handle

178,20 € 222,70 € -20%
  • + Available versions
DLM XL: DML XL combined with DML

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Coffee table by HAY with handle, in painted metal, available in three colours

210,60 € 263,30 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Door mat: Hay doormat in two-tone pink jute with contrasting stripe on both sides

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Door mat

Hay doormat, in two-tone jute

44,70 € 55,90 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Door mat long: Ocher door mat long

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Door mat long

Two-tone jute carpet, by HAY

68,00 € 85,00 € -20%
Eiffel Shelf: Bookcase with 6 shelves by Hay, in sand color

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Eiffel Shelf

HAY bookcase with metal structure, 6 shelves

674,20 € 842,80 € -20%
Fifty-Fifty floor lamp: Hay floor lamp in black painted aluminum

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Fifty-Fifty floor lamp

Floor lamp by Hay in grey or black painted aluminum

479,00 € 598,80 € -20%
Glass Coffee Mug: Hay mug in transparent borosilicate glass

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Glass Coffee Mug

Tea or coffee cup in borosilicate glass, by Hay

10,40 € 13,00 € -20%
Glass spoon: Glass spoons

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Glass spoon

Glass spoons by HAY, handmade, available in various sizes and colours

31,80 € 39,70 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Knit: Hay painted metal coat rack

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Hay coat rack with painted steel frame, available in 4 colours

194,40 € 243,00 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Korpus Shelf: Korpus Shelf - colors and sizes

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Korpus Shelf

Hay shelf, in recycled aluminum sheet

93,50 € 116,90 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Moroccan Vase: Moroccan Vase S in Blue-pink and Orange-pink colors

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Moroccan Vase

Glass vase in three colors, by HAY

39,80 € 49,80 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Neon Tube LED: LED light tube, pink and warm white

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Neon Tube LED

LED light tube from HAY, available in five colours, length 150 cm

55,20 € 69,00 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Neon Tube LED Slim: LED light tube

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Neon Tube LED Slim

LED light tube by HAY, available in four colours, with length 50 or 120 cm

56,20 € 70,20 € -20%
  • + Available versions
Palissade Armchair: Palissade Armchair in olive green with cushion

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Palissade Armchair

HAY outdoor chair with armrests in painted steel

313,10 € 391,40 € -20%
  • + Available versions