Summer, colours and exotic energy for a holiday mood that lasts all year.
The Gervasoni's interiors are a step ahead. The chairs and furnishing accessories have a lively and eclectic soul, Gervasoni is a journey through colours and lifestyles that lead to the sea and to the East.
Flexible and versatile, Gervasoni's products are a real invitation to relax, ideal to furnish indoor or outdoor according to the seasons.

Tables & Chairs new ways of sharing

Inside as well as outside, the tables and chairs of Gervasoni are the ideal choice to enjoy outdoor dinners or to share less formal moments in your home. The young and trendy Gervasoni's selection can be used in both areas.
inside as well as outside se inside as well as outside

POUFS or SMALL TABLES?<br><span> It’s your choice!</span>

It’s your choice!

Matching of unusual materials, vibrant colours and ironic shapes.
Small or large, Gervasoni's coffee-tables create a perfect dialogue with their surroundings.

Designed by skillful hands, these furnishing items play with their function by becoming practical low tables or funny poufs.

NUVOLA<br> <span> a casual chic design</span>

a casual chic design

Nuvola is a snug, intimate, enveloping nest. Inspired by the Italian word for cloud, its name is Nuvola and it includes a collection of high quality upholstered sofas with chubby and soft outlines.

Nuvola changes look depending on its upholstery. Iconic and versatile with its soft quilted fabric, it looks futuristic when it wears silvery and fluorescent dresses.



An unconventional upholstery project, a family of sofas and armchairs with simple, informal style that can be elegant too.Like a dress easy to wear and quick to remove, the removable covering is oversize, airy and chameleonic.
Ghost is semplicity, comfort and versatility.

<span>A design signed by</span>  PAOLA NAVONE
WEAVING & COLOURS<br><span> a winning combination</span>

a winning combination

From rattan to PVC passing through the parchment and the elastic belts, constant is the research for new materials and new ways of interpreting the weaving.

The new products blend with the pieces of the traditional collection, in a continuous interplay between past and present.

Threads + Fabrics <span>made-to-measure look</span>

Threads + Fabrics made-to-measure look

Imagination, textures and colours of the Gervasoni's fabrics allow to create any combination. Contrasting or ton sur ton stitchings help to create unusual colour combinations. To each his own style, eclectic and colourful or romantic and sophisticated.
Gervasoni's fabrics are the main characters. According to your needs and tastes, they create a style that reflects your passions.