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Hay News The new creations of the Danish brand

The new Hay collection travels free. He takes inspiration from far and near: from the history of design, from architectural forms, from centuries-old arts.

Explore color and its meanings; combines natural or neutral shades such as black and white with pastel or pop and lively shades.

In this in-depth analysis we propose a selection of the new Hay products, tying them together with a... red thread.

_ArcsDistinctive features

A succession of semicircles that runs along the profiles and embellishes the shapes. It is the distinctive feature of the Arcs trolley and mirror, two items with different uses and destinations that are united by the same graphic sign.

The scalloped edge adds to the simple and clean shapes, creating movement and giving three-dimensionality. Thus the two articles, designed by the Muller Van Severen studio, guarantee functionality and aesthetic value at the same time.

The trolley is organized in shelves and equipped with wheels; the mirror is available round or rectangular.

The palette of Arcs

The heterogeneous shades proposed vary according to the shape and size of the mirror and the height of the trolley. The surface is always glossy and reflective.

_ChiselThe art of giving shape

Curved, rounded, defined wood, shaped wood; the Chisel lounge chair celebrates the art of carpentry. It is no coincidence that it takes its name from the chisel, a tool that gives materials a precise shape, a sign of which is honored in the beveled edges of the legs.

The chair is made of beech, oak or walnut veneer. The back and seat curve towards the center and wrap around the body; for greater comfort they can be covered with soft fabrics, such as wool and fur lining.

Halfway between an armchair and a classic chair, Chisel is suitable both for creating a secluded corner and for placing alongside the sofa in the living room. The design is by Andreas Bergsaker.

The palette of Chisel

The painting allows the grain of the wood to shine through. Colors such as burgundy or green combine with light, neutral shades and natural finishes of oak and walnut.

_About A ChairAn icon transforms

Hay's innovations outline spaces that start from the Scandinavian style and reinvent it. On the one hand, typically Nordic environments, which communicate calm and welcome, where light or natural colors and essential shapes reign; on the other, sparkling elements: like the dusty mint of the About A Chair 22 (AAC) chairs, a shade that is part of the brand's new proposals.

AAC 22

Chair in oak veneer and recycled polypropylene

CPH 30

Oak table with linoleum or laminate top

Nelson Saucer

Polymer pendant lamp, disc shape

About A Chair (AAC) and About A Stool (AAS) are two of Hay's most iconic collections, designed by Hee Welling. Chairs and stools with sinuous shapes, available in several versions: padded or plastic seats, wooden or metal legs...

A change from a sustainable perspective has transformed the versions with the polypropylene seat, now made of 100% recycled material. In particular, this is post-consumer polypropylene, which gives a second life to household products, such as televisions and washing machines. This choice is in continuity with other characteristics of the AAC and AAS collections, for example the use of FSC Mixed certified wood.

The palette in AAC and AAS

The soft lines of the seat do not only change in substance. Nine new colors are added to the existing palette, confirming the attention that the brand places on color as a design element.

For me Hay means accessibility, longevity and colour. John Tree

_ApexEssential companion

Follow gestures and movements with light; the Apex lamp is inspired by the Banker's Light lighting style, functional and adjustable, and features a lampshade that can be rotated 360 degrees, to allow you to direct the light source according to your needs.

The shapes are essential, starting from the lampshade made of a folded steel plate, reminiscent of the slopes of a roof that meet at the apex: in English, precisely, apex.

The lamp designed by John Tree is divided into different models that differ in the shape of the structure: from the version with clamp connection to the desk lamp with a round base.

The palette of Apex

The chrome finish of the structure meets the shiny shades of the lampshade, proposed in green, the most iconic color of the Banker's Light, black and white. The Apex Clip alone adds three vibrant colors: pink, light blue and red.

_Liberty MatinThe movement of nature

The Matin table lamp, designed by Inga Sempé, is the protagonist of a new collection. Patterned fabrics are folded in a pleated pattern to cover the lampshade: these are coverings by Liberty, a famous London shop. So Matin is filled with flowers, cherries and leaves, in five motifs chosen by the brand's co-founder, Mette Hay. The movement already given by the pleated structure is accentuated and enhanced.

The palette of Matin

Dense, minute and colorful drawings rest on a solid color background. Darker shades to direct the light downwards, lighter to emanate a diffused and atmospheric light beam.

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