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French style: Fermob New colors and furnishing elements for the outdoors

Lounge or dining seats, chairs and folding tables that represent the French style and have unquestionably contributed to defining it. We are talking about Fermob, a French brand that furnishes cafés, small balconies, large public parks and squares from Paris to New York, Venice and Singapore.

The novelties for the 2024 season are in the name of colour, the vibrant soul of the outdoors and of experiencing outdoor spaces with joy and sharing, thanks to furniture that embodies this vision.

Color, joie de vivre

Color is one of Fermob's distinctive features and this year the collection introduces three new shades which bring the total number of the available range to 25. Marshmellow, Gingerbread and Pesto enter the palette to create settings characterized by joie de vivre and comfort. In Fermob's vision, color is the vital essence of outdoor furniture, a key element for giving spaces a well-defined personality.

Bright and reassuring shade, Marshmallow recalls childhood sweets, the explosion of color of hydrangeas or wisteria in spring. It's lively and punchy, yet soft at the same time.

Combined with pastel shades (opaline green, cold mint or frozen lemon), it suggests fresh and relaxing atmospheres.

On the contrary, gingerbread is warm, comfortable like the Christmas dessert it is inspired by. It pairs particularly well with the colors black cherry, ocher red and honey yellow, but it also goes well with more mineral shades such as Acapulco blue or rosemary.

Its versatile personality integrates perfectly in indoor as well as outdoor contexts.

Finally, Pesto, a tribute to Italian flavours, to evenings in the garden, to nature and its countless shades of green.

Playing with tone-on-tone combinations (lime tree green, cactus or clay grey) comes naturally, but if you prefer a livelier accent, marshmallow, black cherry or iced lemon are for you.

Party from functionality

Moving on to the innovations in terms of actual furnishings, for this season the brand offers multi-seater seats and furnishing elements that can perform multiple functions. The benches are the driving element for the historic Bistro and Luxembourg collections: they offer new solutions for the outdoor dining room and at the same time are also suitable for other contexts: for example they can be used as a single seat in the entrance or garden.

For the relaxation area, however, the new Surprising rocking lounge seat and tables with two shelves arrive, suitable both as a coffee table and as a bench. Finally, Piapolo, a multifaceted furnishing element for all the rooms of the house: it is a low stool-table equipped with a container, useful in the living room, in the children's room or as an object holder on the terrace.

Bistro is always a good idea

She is Fermob's most iconic chair, an ideal representation of French taste. Bistro made its first appearance in Parisian cafés in 1889, the year the Eiffel Tower was built, and was an immediate success. Venues with outdoor space at the time were obliged to pay a license for permanently furnished terraces, and Bistro chairs offered managers an advantage: being foldable, they could put them away in the evening, once the service was finished, and therefore avoid paying for the license.

For this reason, Bistro was quickly adopted by all the venues along the Seine and has become a point of reference for outdoor furnishings, even for domestic environments. Its design has remained unchanged since then, becoming a classic. Over the years the product range has expanded with the introduction of tables, benches and stools to satisfy all furnishing needs.

The Bistro chair has become a truly cult object

Fermob classics

In this in-depth analysis we cannot fail to mention the Luxembourg collection, the other historic line of seats and tables signed by the French brand. And next to it, other furnishing elements and accessories that contribute to making Fermob a point of reference for outdoor furnishings: the Balad lamps and the Bellevie collection, just to name our (and your) favourites.

And if you still can't find all the products online, remember that you can contact us to order any model.