Seating for Bars, Restaurants and Public Places

Available versions

CB1257 Boheme

Connubia chair made of metal and regenerated hide

121,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Vienna style chair in wood with crossed backrest in iron, several seats available

149,20 € + VAT

Available versions


Wooden chair on offer, natural colour structure and dove grey imitation leather seat

32,20 € + VAT

Available versions


Country style chair in wood, with seat in wood, straw or different types of fabric

21,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Country style high stool in wood, height 73 cm, with seat in wood, straw or different types of fabric

35,00 € + VAT

Available versions

Aero 27

Emu chair made of metal, stackable, also for garden

150,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Kartell armchair, in recycled polypropylene, also for garden

151,70 € + VAT

Available versions

Alhambra S

Metal stool with technopolymer seat, available in different colours and heights, also for outdoor

86,40 € + VAT

Available versions

Alice V chair 2675

Modern chair in metal and technopolymer, stackable, also for garden

60,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Country-style chair in pine wood, different seats available

41,00 € + VAT

Available versions

Be Bop

Kartell design chair, in polypropylene, also for garden

286,90 € + VAT

Available versions


Polypropylene chair, stackable, also for garden

59,10 € + VAT

Available versions


Stacking metal chair with plastic seat, also for outdoor

90,00 € + VAT

Available versions

Bora Bistrot

Chair in fiber glass resin, stackable, also for garden

46,80 € + VAT

Available versions


Domitalia metal stool, with cork seat, height at 66 cm or 76 cm

136,80 € + VAT

Available versions

Bouchon B

Domitalia metal stool, with cork seat, height at 46 cm

117,40 € + VAT

Available versions

Bridge P

Emu armchair made of metal, stackable, for garden

111,00 € + VAT

Available versions


Infiniti polypropylene armchair, seat with covering, stackable

108,90 € + VAT

Available versions

CB1038 Ice

Connubia chair made of metal and technopolymer

89,90 € + VAT

Available versions

CB1042 Area51

Stackable bar chair, made of polypropylene, different colours available, also for outdoor

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Available versions

CB1049 Ice

Connubia stool, made of metal and SAN, seat height 65 or 80 cm

107,90 € + VAT

Available versions

CB1243 Denmark

Stackable wooden chair, padded seat with imitation leather covering, available in several colours, for restaurants

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Available versions

CB1273 L'Eau

Connubia chair made of metal and technopolymer, also stackable

87,30 € + VAT

Available versions

CB1298 Led

Metal chair for bars and restaurants, technopolymer seat, different colours available, also stackable

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