Padded and Customized Armchairs for Contract Furniture

Be Bop: Kartell polypropylene chairs

Be Bop

Kartell design chair, in polypropylene, also for garden

272,20 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Gumball P: Gumball family by Plust

Gumball P

Designer ergonomic armchair by Plust, in polyethylene, different colours available, also for outdoor

217,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Gumball P – LU: Gumball D armchair with lighting system

Gumball P – LU

Designer ergonomic armchair by Plust, in polyethylene, with lighting system, also for outdoors

285,50 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Mara: Polyethylene armchair with cushions


Slide polyethylene armchair with cuschions, also for outdoor

932,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Miss Petra: Design armchair made of Poleasy®, in white colour, also for outdoor

Miss Petra

Design armchair made of technopolymer, also for outdoor

373,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Queen of Love: Polyethylene design armchair in saffron yellow colour, matched with Prince of Love pouf

Queen of Love

Slide polyethylene armchair, also for garden

555,30 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Settembre P: Plust armchair in polyethylene in mahogany colour, also for outdoors

Settembre P

Plust armchair in polyethylene available in different colours, also for outdoors

254,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Settembre P – LU: Plust armchair in polyethylene with lighting system

Settembre P – LU

Plust armchair in polyethylene with lighting system, also for outdoors

322,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Amalfi P: Garden armchair with white painted aluminium frame and white fabric covering

Amalfi P

Garden armchair with aluminium frame and acrylic fabric cover

201,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Aria: Polypropylene armchair


Polypropylene armchair, with cushions, for garden

178,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Cube P: Garden armchair with resin and fibreglass structure. Dark grey colour

Cube P

Garden armchair in resin and fibreglass

57,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Dalt: Modern armchair upholstered in fabric


Design armchair per bar e ristoranti, available in fabric, leather or imitation leather, different colours and dimensiond

286,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Fiji P Idol Collection: Anthracite painted aluminium armchair and dark grey rope cover

Fiji P Idol Collection

Fiji outdoor armchair with aluminium frame and rope cover

432,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Ibiza P Idol Collection: Outdoor armchair with black painted aluminium frame

Ibiza P Idol Collection

Rounded garden armchair with aluminium frame and rope cover

1.051,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Ibiza Po Idol Collection: Aluminium and rope garden armchair, with high backrest

Ibiza Po Idol Collection

Aluminium and rope garden armchair with high backrest

1.341,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Ila 2023: Ila armchairs collection by Pedrali

Ila 2023

Designer upholstered armchair by Pedrali, available with different covers; optional headrest

1.530,40 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Jamaica P Idol Collection: Garden armchair with anthracite grey aluminium frame

Jamaica P Idol Collection

Garden armchair with anthracite grey aluminium frame

499,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Kelly P: Classic wooden armchair, in milk white lacquered, padded with Profondeur covering

Kelly P

Classic wooden armchair, several colours and coverings

278,70 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Kos P: Garden armchair in white varnished aluminium with polyester rope and blue rubber covering

Kos P

Garden armchair in aluminium and polyester rope, available in two colours

514,20 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Log Lounge 366: Padded armchair, in yellow wool fabric

Log Lounge 366

Pedrali design lounge armchair, in metal fully padded, different finishes available

1.009,90 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Luigi Quadra P: Classic armchair in wood, pearl grey, San Angelo covering

Luigi Quadra P

Classic wooden armchair, padded, several colours and coverings

322,20 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Minorca P: Armchair in painted aluminium bianto and dove-grey flat acrylic rope

Minorca P

Garden armchair in aluminium and flat acrylic rope

480,80 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
MU200 Shabby: Modern armchair in wood for restaurants, different colours available effect decapè, upholstered with different coatings

MU200 Shabby

Modern armchair in wood, with upholstered seat and backrest, in several finishes

206,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions
Nizza P: Garden armchair with varnished aluminium frame and rope and rubber covering, frontal view

Nizza P

Garden armchair in anthracite-grey aluminium and brown textilene rope and rubber covering

529,60 € + VAT
  • + Available versions